portable 3-phase System
  portable 3-phase System  
• This programmable portable 3-phase System
  for testing protection relays features leading-edge
  technology from the unique case design, an
  Adaptive Integrated Control, along with various
  power output configurations.
• Adaptive Integrated Control (AIC), an advanced
  concept in context-driven operation, with an 8-inch
  attractive, easy to use high resolution color touch panel.
• Extensive choice of options in the (up to 12) power
  channel configurations, with plug & play technology.

  Transformer test benches  
• for testing
• Winding resistance
• Insulation
• No-load current
• Short-circuit
• Inductivity
• Temperature

Tests on stators, rotors, AC and DC motors, coils, power circuit-breakers,
cables and other components
  Tests on laminations  

• Epstein device

Meßgerät für HS-Schalter
  HV circuit-breaker analyser  

• Simultaneous measuring of closing times
   of up to 3 main- and 2 auxiliary contacts
• Synchronisation of load-break switches
• max. coil current
• Calculation of the contact resistance
• Power supply 110V, 220V or batteries
• Touch screen panel
• Software to read and print the test results

Generatoren für Stoßstrom und Stoßspannung
  pulse voltage and impulse current generators  

• damped oscillation for coil windings
   1,2/50μs and 8/20μs impulse voltage
   8/20, 10/350, 10/700, 10/1000, 10/2500 impulse currents
• with different energy values
• Hybrid generators
• Telecom – Testing equipment

Suchen und Überwachen
  Detection and monitoring  

• Ultrasonic directional microphone
   with laser pointer for PD recognition
• Monitoring of insulation and partial discharge
   activities in MV and HV switchgear without
   physical contact